Cyberspace workshop/exhibition + Core of the Coalman/Eleanor Cully/Margaretova Citrony/Kneeling Coats performances in Prague, and soon

Eleanor and I are going to Prague this coming week to make art.   We will be joining Jakub Grosz, Pascal Silondi and students from Prague College for a 11 day workshop at the Prague College Fine Arts Studios.  We will be exploring sound in, with, and for immersive virtual reality and 3d installations, as... Continue Reading →


Love Boat: An Interview With Crank Sturgeon, Following a Prague Performance, June 2014

Hello over the last couple of years I have been writing articles for some magazines and news sites, some of which were not printed in English at the time of publication.  For that reason I have decided to periodically post some of my favorite of these articles and interviews here. We shall begin with a... Continue Reading →


KontA2Punkt, a festival of the decadently sublime, and the subliminally decadent, happens this Sunday in Prague at HooDoo Music Bar, Korunni 106, Praha 10.  Prices are 190/150.  Below is the official program and information, and below that are some links to some music and an interview with Joke Lanz and other wonders: KontrA2punkt 2013 2.... Continue Reading →

Pristi Nedele v Lese: Jenny Graf Sheppard & i dmth efta ble, Sunday Cafe v Lese!

Come into the forest (v Lese) Sunday for this amazing show! Americká hudebnice Jenny Gräf, žijící v Baltimoreu, ve svých kompozicích i improvizacích zkoumá ambivalentní prostor mezi řádem a chaosem. Její hudba vychází z tradičních amerických písňových forem, jež transformuje do roztřepených a úlomkovitých melodií a rytmů. Používá jedinečný analogově-digitální syntezátor Tranoe, zkonstruovaný Peterem... Continue Reading →

Presuppositionless Invitation to Organized Experiences (Upcoming Concerts by Myself and Other People)

Welcome, in the coming months you will have several opportunities to join us for presuppositionless lived experience, here is the partial list of what is confirmed or believed to be happening in the near future, but first, while retaining flexibility of interface, I offer you the following soundtrack, a small digital release from Idiosyncratics records... Continue Reading →

The Silent Pool Vernissage Wednesday+A2,Klangundkrach event at Final+Rouilleux/Pretty Old Sound v Praze,Ctvrtek

Daniel Vlcek's new exhibition, The Silent Pool opens this Thursday I will be performing at the Vernissage, likely playing more songs on viola and electronics (the rest will have to wait) 9.května 18:00 v divadle Alfred v. dvoře Oslava otevření "Silent Pool" Výstava nových obrazů Daniel Vlček (this is what that said but now in english) May 9 18:00 at Theatre Alfred v Dvore Celebrating the... Continue Reading →

Core of the Coalman&Jarse(from Finland!)at Final Club Tuesday!

After a long pause, I will play a Core of the Coalman set this Tuesday at Final Club in Praha.  I am playing new things.  First some steady and moving states made with generative sheets of wind (to replace that which seems to have vanished unexpectedly), and the usual viola, resonant filters, and other electronic... Continue Reading →

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