Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Both Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces

Exciting Upcoming Concerts The first one is on on Monday August 8 at FUSE Art Space  at 5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ in Bradford.  Starts at 8 and I am first.  The fabulous Marlo Eggplant also performing, along with Ian William Craig. I am going to be playing all the new pieces specified in the... Continue Reading →

PrettyOldSound Concert+Core of the Coalman&the Alpha Strategy Baltic Seaboard Tour+NewlyReleasedRecordings

Here It Comes Again     Our Equally Well-Dressed Version is called Pretty Old Sound, and is pictured below:   We are performing tomorrow night, albeit as a duo, in Vzorkovna, in Prague.  (located at Bartolomějská 13, Praha 1, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic) starts at 8, ok? all the information can be found here at... Continue Reading →

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