Descent from the High Arches and the Bog Chorus at Total Inertia

Advanced Tickets and Real Information: facebooks: we (Core of the Coalman and Friends (Eleanor Cully, Kathryn Grey, and Sarah McWatt) are on Sunday: thanks Cassandra for the amazing video footage! Here is a mixture of some artists performing at the festival: HERE ARE ALL THE INFOS: TOTAL INERTIA A festival of underground/diy/experimental musics... Continue Reading →


Christmas Favorites Old and New

Good Evening and Merry Christmas   Festival Romance, my new band with Eleanor Cully, have a Christmas Carol on this compilation of Christmas-ish music full of interesting sounds made by many curious musicians from many curious places... ok, here is the list (Petrels - The Truth About Frank - Ten-Shepherds of Cats - Devotionalhallucinatic -... Continue Reading →

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