For/From Those Enraptured and/or Entrapped in/by Huddersfield: Two Concerts in June

For/from those enraptured and/or entrapped in/by Huddersfield we present two concerts: the first of which is in Bradford on June 28th and presents new works by four artists currently based in Huddersfield (full info just below) the second is on June 30th in Huddersfield and features myself (Core of the Coalman), Melanie O’Dubhslaine (incidentally, born... Continue Reading →


Friday:Cathy Heyden/Roger Smal, Festival Romance, and Daniel Thomas Concert in Todmorden/Monday Afternoon: Discrete Positions Exhibition Opening

Our band, Festival Romance, have our first show on May 1st, at 7pm, in Todmorden at the gigantic Unitarian Church on the top of the hill: We will be performing alongside Daniel Thomas, and a duo of Cathy Heyden and Roger Smal.  The whole beautiful evening costs a meager 5 pounds, and there will... Continue Reading →

Discrete Positions (A Group Show of Some Huddersfield-based Artists) Opens with A Concert by the LCO Soloists

  Opening Event: Monday 4th May 1.00pm for 1:30 Exhibition Continues: Monday 4th May - Friday 15th May Unit 9 Gallery, Market Avenue (in the arcade), Huddersfield (the photos included below look nothing at all like the work in the show and are in fact just snaps from our shared studio space, which is itself... Continue Reading →

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