Through the Windows Exhibition Opens Nov15th, 8pm, at ame Dai Hall in Huddersfield

detail from Eleanor Cully, Mirage, 2019   Through the Windows is a group exhibition at Dai Hall that is primarily intended to engage viewers through the windows. "The audiences" outside experience the works inside.   However, when the doors of the exhibition are open, its a change to zoom in, to engage the details.  And... Continue Reading →

November Trouble! Leaves on the Tracks! No Turkey!

STUART CHALMERS & CLAUS POULSEN DUO // NOISEBRINGERS // FOLDHEAD CONCERT / THURSDAY 7TH NOVEMBER, 20:00 / £7.00 Doors 7.30pm Advance Tickets: £6 OTD: £7 New Weird Huddersfield & FUSE Present... // Stuart Chalmers & Claus Poulsen Duo // Stuart Chalmers bring to life tapes scavenged from the landfill of time and channels trance... Continue Reading →

Drift Ensemble: New Music by Jorge Boehringer, Eleanor Cully, and Sam Gillies this Saturday! FREE!

DRIFT Ensemble Performs new works by Sam Gillies, Eleanor Cully, Jorge Boehringer   DRIFT Ensemble Performs new works by Sam Gillies, Eleanor Cully, Jorge Boehringer footblock fake event: Saturday, Sept 21 starts promptly at 19:30 pm! FREE!!!! St Pauls Hall (large church building on corner of campus) University of Huddersfield   Drift Ensemble (Pablo... Continue Reading →

CMMF (Camp Mountain Music Festival) THIS COMING WEEK!!! (+) Sept 21: New Works for Drift Ensemble by Eleanor Cully, Sam Gillies, and Jorge Boehringer

I am very excited to be presenting my  recent multichannel audio-visual work (Core of the Coalman: Something About the Water Here) at Camp Mountain Music Festival  (CMMF) this coming week alongside a huge pile of incredible artists from a huge assortment of backgrounds and  different musical practices, and in this wonderful place pictured above! My... Continue Reading →

CAMP Mountain Festival + 4th World Congress of Psychogeography +New Weird Harvest Huddersfield

September: the harvest month, the beginning of BOTH the metrological autumn and the metrological spring, depending on where YOU are slip into the lake for a last summer's swim pull a smile from the teeth of the summer's shine,  storing heat beneath ground, in roots for winter (a time below while in cellars sunrays turn... Continue Reading →

Kneeling Coats/Anna Peaker/Stuart Chalmers Thursday Aug 15th 2019 + September Situations with New Weird Huddersfield

Stuart Chalmers Cassette scavenger, Swarmandal adventurist and cleaner of floors. Uses improvisation, experimentation and chance to explore the personal/universal aspects of sound, unusual states of mind, the resonances of different spaces and hidden meanings. Fellow collaborators include Neil Campbell, Alan Courtis, Edward Sol, Taming Power, Graham Dunning, Yol, Sindre Bjerga and Claus Poulsen. Kneeling... Continue Reading →

Luke Martin: Practice in the Imaginary + Other Upcoming Things + MUSIC

Join us Thursday July 18th at 19:00 at Arcade Coffee in Huddersfield beneath the beautiful blue wood of the Byram Arcade we will form a quartet featuring special guest Luke Martin along with Ryoka Akama Eleanor Cully and Jorge Boehringer to practice the imaginary this night the imaginary will take form in free improvisation and... Continue Reading →

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