Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Both Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces

Exciting Upcoming Concerts The first one is on on Monday August 8 at FUSE Art Space  at 5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ in Bradford.  Starts at 8 and I am first.  The fabulous Marlo Eggplant also performing, along with Ian William Craig. I am going to be playing all the new pieces specified in the... Continue Reading →


On Tour With Daniel Higgs and Woven Skull/Solo Show Thursday Night in Prague

I am currently in Ireland, touring with the space-time torus Woven Skull, and interdimensional song-seamstress Daniel Higgs, and it is going great. Unfortunately, there is no time to list all the shows, but the last one will be in Dublin Wednesday at Molloy and Dowling Opticians, 18b Kildare Street. Here is some more detailed information: DANIEL HIGGS Continue Reading →

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