performing this sunday on radio///07.12.20 (5PM PDT) PONIIA #13

  elated to be performing with my good friend Yasi Perrera after a long long time!  tune in! soundcrack(.)net roaming radio a mobile live performance/DJ radio series net-broadcast directly from the tapped/cracked synapses of the criminally obscure check broadcast times/dates regularly as new dates are added/times are shifty/spontaneity is king Sunday 07.12.20 5pm (PDT) / 7pm (CDT) ... Continue Reading →

Second Release from On Growth and Form on Bandcamp Now

The second volume of binaural recordings from my 25.4 channel environmental sound installation Island of Natural Colours: 7 Tracks of spaceways and timewaves Leave footprints and/or messages in the sand: NOTE: AS THESE ARE BINAURAL MIXES HEADPHONE LISTENING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Between 2017 and 2020 I created several multichannel sound environments in slightly different versions... Continue Reading →

New Recordings from On Growth and Form and Core of the Coalman

On Growth and Form, Archipelago in Natural Colours, volume 1 ( Archipelago in Natural Colours volume 1 is the first in a series of planned releases of electronic sound compositions derived from my large-scale (25.4 channel) sound environment Island in Natural Colours, presented several times in installation form between 2017 and the present (for example... Continue Reading →

TOPH Housebound #10: Ultra-Deluxe Rollover Special: May 29, 8pm …

TOPH Housebound #10 JOIN THE SHOW (FREE OF COURSE) HERE: get all the details here: Since last week got cut short by the unstoppable onward march of technology, this one's a rollover special! So sit down for: ADAM CAMPBELL AND TINA KREKELS Microidation of tubic lung-lunge through serial electunneling aparratus. A fine particulate... Continue Reading →

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