Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Both Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces

Exciting Upcoming Concerts The first one is on on Monday August 8 at FUSE Art Space  at 5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ in Bradford.  Starts at 8 and I am first.  The fabulous Marlo Eggplant also performing, along with Ian William Craig. I am going to be playing all the new pieces specified in the... Continue Reading →


Friday the 20th of November: Girl Sweat, Marlo Eggplant, and Arttu Partinen (from Finland) in Todmorden! Come listen….

Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman) and Ned (Was Ist Das?) team up to bring you a night of noise in Todmorden that will test just how crazy the venue Crazy8 can get (Crazy8 being the venue upstairs at the Golden Lion in Todmorden). Girl Sweat – FUCK YEAH! amphetamine industrial psyche rock from... Continue Reading →

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