Descent from the High Arches and the Bog Chorus at Total Inertia

Advanced Tickets and Real Information: facebooks: we (Core of the Coalman and Friends (Eleanor Cully, Kathryn Grey, and Sarah McWatt) are on Sunday: thanks Cassandra for the amazing video footage! Here is a mixture of some artists performing at the festival: HERE ARE ALL THE INFOS: TOTAL INERTIA A festival of underground/diy/experimental musics... Continue Reading →


Phil Maguire / Eleanor Cully / Core of the Coalman play the music of Phill Niblock and other stories

Join us at Fuse Art Space in Bradford for a concert of music by Phill Niblock and members of the group. Sunday August 28th! Door 8pm! Recommended Entry Donut: ¬£4! Presenting an evening of lowercase and drone music. This concert brings together the work of emerging UK based composers and sound artists, and the American... Continue Reading →

Parasiting on Music Mini-Festival: Ross Parfitt(UK), Roman Nose (UK), Blue Yodel (UK), Java Delle & Legion of Swine (DE/UK), Arma (LT), Abraxas Apparatus (DE)..THURSDAY, Cafe V Lese, Praha!!!

Thursday 28.3.2013 at 7pm (EARLY SHOW) in the basement of Cafe V Lese (Krymska 12, Praha 10) The latest episode of the experimental-music series Parasiting on Music! ¬†This time a mini-festival featuring Abraxas Apparatus (DE), Arma (LT), Java Delle and the Legion of Swine (DE/UK), Blue Yodel (UK), Roman Nose (UK), and Ross Parfitt (UK).... Continue Reading →

Presuppositionless Invitation to Organized Experiences (Upcoming Concerts by Myself and Other People)

Welcome, in the coming months you will have several opportunities to join us for presuppositionless lived experience, here is the partial list of what is confirmed or believed to be happening in the near future, but first, while retaining flexibility of interface, I offer you the following soundtrack, a small digital release from Idiosyncratics records... Continue Reading →

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