New Recordings from On Growth and Form and Core of the Coalman

On Growth and Form, Archipelago in Natural Colours, volume 1 ( Archipelago in Natural Colours volume 1 is the first in a series of planned releases of electronic sound compositions derived from my large-scale (25.4 channel) sound environment Island in Natural Colours, presented several times in installation form between 2017 and the present (for example... Continue Reading →

Cyberspace workshop/exhibition + Core of the Coalman/Eleanor Cully/Margaretova Citrony/Kneeling Coats performances in Prague, and soon

Eleanor and I are going to Prague this coming week to make art.   We will be joining Jakub Grosz, Pascal Silondi and students from Prague College for a 11 day workshop at the Prague College Fine Arts Studios.  We will be exploring sound in, with, and for immersive virtual reality and 3d installations, as... Continue Reading →

Cause Trouble in Far Away Places Without Even Flapping Your Wings

the mysterious Margaretova Citrony will collectively materialize and perform music at these spacetime coordinates: Wednesday, March 30, 7pm Kavárna Liberál Heřmanova 6, 17000 Prague, Czech Republic Also performing are SISTER/BODY CORE OF THE COALMAN, and LEGION OF SWINE you can join in the fun for only 100 Czech Koruna gnatrumbler: LEGION OF SWINE (uk... Continue Reading →

French New Tapes and Upcoming Two Concerts in and around the ‘shire

  I will be performing a concert of new electronic music in Huddersfield on Friday January 29th. This performance is free, and is being produced by Unnaway and the Bacon Jam Collective. The concert takes place within the mirrored former dance studio that Unnaway has been using for monthly exhibitions over the last four months... Continue Reading →

Yannick Franck / Core of the Coalman / Immer Samsa Usi 3000 / Laura Luna Castillo 15.Brezna v Praze

Yannick Franck / Core of the Coalman / Immer Samsa Usi 3000 / Laura Luna Castillo Friday, 15 March, Prague/ Patek 15.Brezna venue: Pecena Brambora Jaromirova 17, Praha 4 20:00, 80 kc!!!!!!! facebook event with directions not afraid, it is quite close to Vyton and Lazarska!!! nebojte se, to je blizko Vyton a... Continue Reading →

Presuppositionless Invitation to Organized Experiences (Upcoming Concerts by Myself and Other People)

Welcome, in the coming months you will have several opportunities to join us for presuppositionless lived experience, here is the partial list of what is confirmed or believed to be happening in the near future, but first, while retaining flexibility of interface, I offer you the following soundtrack, a small digital release from Idiosyncratics records... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, We Are The Developing Countries (upcoming activities, here and there)

It's Spring! I am going to Berlin, and though my plans keep changing, this show is for sure: Wednesday, May 2 door 19:00, show 21:30 O Tannenbaum - Sonnenallee 27, Berlin Neukoelln (I might play the, uh, music, represented by these things, below) I have this great opportunity to do a duet with Tippi Tillvind ((*"tillvind... Continue Reading →

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