Archeology and the Spectrum _ Edition Alpha

  Features old and new hits by Acrid Lactations (then also later Jointhee and Thee Acrid Lactations), Woven Skull, 75 Dollar Bill, Trowser Carrier, Fat Worm of Error, Parish of Unwelcome Insurance and Oakwhistle, Altaat, and Mooncup Accident and the New York City!


Arthur, Son of Waterbull, Julian’s Love Both Curved and Divine, Two Bowls, and other pieces

Exciting Upcoming Concerts The first one is on on Monday August 8 at FUSE Art Space  at 5-7 Rawson Place, BD1 3QQ in Bradford.  Starts at 8 and I am first.  The fabulous Marlo Eggplant also performing, along with Ian William Craig. I am going to be playing all the new pieces specified in the... Continue Reading →

Tomoko Sauvage/Elias Merino at FUSE + New Releases from TOR Press

FUSE Presents: Tomoko Sauvage Elias Merino IN CONCERT SATURDAY 19TH MARCH, 20:00 / £4.00 Fuse Art Space 5-7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3QQ TOMOKO SAUVAGE Tomoko Sauvage, a Japanese musician/sound artist based in Paris, works with waterbowls, porcelain bowls of different sizes, filled with water and amplified with hydrophones (under-water microphones). She plays with different... Continue Reading →

it echoes from Tor Ist Das!

From the Early Music-influenced evocations of the sublime broadcast from Laura Cannell's dual pipes and/or pulled from her overbowed violin to the ranting and raving of Girl Sweat and his amazingly bright Hawaiian shirt, this festival was amazing, and very eclectic.  I had an absolute blast- not only performing with Woven Skull, but also listening... Continue Reading →

Woven Skull/Sofie Cooper/Core of the Coalman UK Tour

Hello.       5th June - MANCHESTER, Fuel Cafe with Jon Collin (7:30, 448 Wilmslow Road, M20 3BW Manchester) 6th June - GLASGOW, The Old Hairdressers  (8pm, Renfield Lane, Glasgow, Scotland) 7th June - EDINBURGH, Henry's Cellar Bar with USURPER!! (3pm!!, 16a Morrison Street, EH3 8BJ Edinburgh, United Kingdom) 8th June - GATESHEAD, The... Continue Reading →

An Inflatable Splash Out There Across The Peaks: Mini-Tour This Week with Tsembla and Core of the Coalman

Dear Passengers, we must do outflanking to mix all the components and avoid the mixture was liquid we know its ready because its thick and has peaks the cream is thickened you deserve a whisk but you can work with a standard I know you'll keep it for being used later we put the inflatable... Continue Reading →

Colour Out of Space Festival has officially begun for me, and with Woven Skull we will there play somethings very soon…

Colour Out of Space festival in Brighton, begins so soon, this Friday: COLOUR OUT OF SPACE / 6 INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL SOUND FESTIVAL Performance Weekend 8th - 10th November 2013 with Ilan Volkov, Maya Dunietz, Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) & Reiko.A, Angela Sawyer, Dinosaurs With Horns, Alessandro Bosetti, Dieter Schnebel (Q+A), Joachim Nordwall & Dan Froberg, Sons of God (Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred), DDAA, Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler & Neil Campbell Trio, Jooklo Duo, CM Hausswolff & Michael... Continue Reading →

On Tour With Daniel Higgs and Woven Skull/Solo Show Thursday Night in Prague

I am currently in Ireland, touring with the space-time torus Woven Skull, and interdimensional song-seamstress Daniel Higgs, and it is going great. Unfortunately, there is no time to list all the shows, but the last one will be in Dublin Wednesday at Molloy and Dowling Opticians, 18b Kildare Street. Here is some more detailed information: DANIEL HIGGS Continue Reading →

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