Text-Based Realities

Here are links to recent articles, originally published elsewhere and originally not in english.  Enjoy!


Love Boat: An Interview With Crank Sturgeon


Spreading Misery with Mikko Levon


Directing Festivals and Films: An Interview with Sami Sanpakkila


Liberation Through a Lack of Interest: The No-Audience Underground


The Ghosts of Eleanor Cully


Boris Bezemer in the Envelope


Low Art/High Art: A Continuously Oscillating Satire


Back to the Womb with Silver Dick


High-Speed Electronic Music and Freedom From Memory


Who is on the Throne?


Sound Art: What Are You?

 Boehringer_SoundMap_PP_Page_2 Boehringer_SoundMap_PP_Page_1


Many text-based things of mine are hosted on a page about me on the Deep Oakland website, through Mills College in Oakland, California.

There you can find my book of poetry Yam Yad, originally published by Genital Press,  and illustrated by Eric King and Matt Vollgraph.

Also there complete edition of my zine Femme Toupee with audio (also published by Genital Press) are included there, and feature collaborations with Che Chen, Eric King, David Harrision Horton, Tralphaz, John Bishoff, Genetic Rackstack Ferropetridis, and others.

Femme Toupee Issue 1 (with special artifacts courtesy of google docs)

Femme Toupee Issue 2

(with special artifacts courtesy of google docs)

Femme Toupee Issue 3

(with special artifacts courtesy of google docs)

as well as a postcard piece I made for Pretty Panicks Press called Sound Map of Changing Intentions Between Static Bodies I: Irregular Orbits About Land’s End, Brother

and enjoy these Two Sheep Poems, below:

relativity of sheeptime


and here, for the tangentally-minded reader, here is “Dan Wrath’s” philsopho-musicological-natural science-driven phenomenology blog (best read in reverse order) starting here on the bottom of the page.

Form is Inevitable

Some Interviews:

Here is an interview and a half conducted with Che Chen of OsirhanOsirhan magazine:


Here is another interview from Sick of the Radio.  If that link doesnt function try this junction

And here is an interview with Howard Stelzer of Intransitive Recordings.

 still valid plans for action,

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