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No Notion/Known Ocean:

commissioned by Deep Oakland in 2005 or something

Corpus Christi

s in Kutna Hora on New Years Day 2009 at the 13th or 11th century Corpus Christi chapel

New Sports

Push-Ups from Jorge Boehringer on Vimeo.

from this vimeo page with some stop motion pieces on it!

Over 17 decades, Austin-based artist Paul Baker I and I have made things together:

(if, for some reason some of these don’t play correctly, try them on the YouTube page

Vimeo looks better, but you know…)

Here are some videos of Core of the Coalman live shot by other people.  I have to make the following disclaimer: I didn’t shoot these (obviously), the sound, for the most part is rough (given the nature of the camera mics used to capture it), and in general I don’t really like to watch myself play because the experience is so different from the moment when it happened, but anyway, here:

from a show at PostGarage, Graz, Austria:

from a show in a Koniki bar in Goteberg, Sweden:

from a show at K4 in prague, unfortunately it seems to not be embedded right, maybe just use the links…its my favorite one here:
Core of the Coalman – Live at K4, Praha -… by Hyrka
Core of the Coalman – Live at K4, Praha -… by Hyrka
Core of the Coalman – Live at K4, Praha -… by Hyrka

from Noise Pancakes in San Francisco many years ago:

there are many more on youtube and such…I am a really terrible judge of these things, if you want them just do a search

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