Visual Orientation

“When you see me again, it won’t be me.”

apparition, meanwhile

documentation of a
sound sculpture
by Jorge Boehringer
first presented at the event
Sonikab 7: Monokab
held in Huddersfield
16 February 2016
produced by the BaconJam Collective

out of phase sine tones
20-15 hz and back
every 12 minutes
modulated by sine tones
32-1 hz
and back
every 6 minutes
driving a cup of coffee
in the black lodge
(one and the same)


Tea Test



Some documentation from our group exhibition Discrete Positions at Unit 9 Gallery, Huddersfield, UK:


flyer flyerwhiteflat


Here is a documentary video from one of my pieces, Order and Nature (What the Moss Heard)

Hastily-made documentary of my show at Titanik-Galleria here in Turku, and some photos…

Fish Poems: Documentation from the Installations from Jorge Boehringer on Vimeo.

A step behind the waterfall grants access to the alien birdbath. Being stung by two bees twice in two days is lucky if I say it is.

This is a short film that attempts to capture or re-create something of the feel of the four installations that were part of my exhibition Fish Poems at the Titanik Gallery in Turku, Finland.

From Titanik’s website (
Näyttelyni tiivistää suuria etäisyyksiä ja toisaalta asettaa pieniä asioita suurennuslasin alle. Muutamat kokemukset irtoavat ajasta ja toiset taas laajenevat jatkuvaksi läsnäoloksi.
Yritän ymmärtää joitakin havaintokykyni puolia. Korvaan, abstrahoin ja muovaan havaittuja asioita tai havaittuja tapahtumaketjuja elektronisilla toisinnoilla ja edelleen rinnastan niitä keskenään uusiksi kokonaisuuksiksi.

This exhibition simultaneously compresses large distances and magnifies small things. It takes some experiences out of time and expands others into a continuous now. I am attempting to understand some aspects of my perception by replacing the perceived object with electronic simulacra, or by abstracting and modeling those perceived systems of events, and juxtaposing them into new configurations.

Below are some photos and comments about the works that appeared in the show….they should shed some light on what can be seen from another perspective in the film.



outside at the opening, with Tango band in position…



these are installation views from my piece Electric Islands (Archipelago)

Sensors on the windows communicated with the islands – triggering synthesized sounds of running water, various coastal weather conditions (wind, crashing sea that sort of thing), and electronic bird song modeled after the birds on the other side of the window along the River Aura.  The windows themselves were also made to sing back to the birds, echo the insects, or reflect raindrop sounds (even thunder) according to weather conditions on the other side of the glass.  All of this sound was synthesized using Pure Data software.  The islands also occasionally vibrated out tones that excited resonances from inside the room itself, interfering with one another and bringing a sense of the indoors into this outdoors/indoors pseudo-biosphere.  It looked nice at night because each island also had a “lighthouse”, but this is best seen in the video, above.

google “enhanced” this one…with “motion” :

“small hills from great mountains descend” – an installation that seemed permanently under construction, which documents its own process of de-construction in terms of its body and hidden sonic accompaniment.  A “mess with the sound of its own making”.  Sonic history of a rolling stone.


above, and installation view from “Stair”…

…which was a series of movies of a tiny waterfall blown up to gigantic proportion…again with a completely synthesized soundtrack – but one that at first might sound totally natural…a waterfall of light and sound that is first invisible but once passed through can be seen for what it is, moments of vibration.  A first blast of light and white noise upon entering the room gives way as the viewer navigates her or himself to be able to see the image.  One finds oneself then behind the waterfall/noise curtain, with only low rumbling bass tones flickering in and out of existence (like frames in a projected film).

below, a still and installation view from B Movie (Habitat Observation Platform)


B Movie (Habitat Observation Platform) was a set of short films, shot with the fantasy of being from the perspective of the small swarming creatures that inhabit these plants during the hot summer months.  The soundtrack, which one listened too on headphones was a simultaneously soothing and harsh chorus of synthesized bee-sounds which spun around the head of the listener, placing them in the flower.  The poem and song accompanying this piece in the film, above, where not part of the installation but included because the poem was created as a call to some friends in Turku to participate in a collaborative piece being created at the same time as this exhibition, and touching on the same themes, to a certain extent…

during construction…


installing sensors and then pleading with the raspberry pi computer to run my program (admittedly, very badly written)….



studio shot, a tech-selfie just for nostalgia’s sake:

Jorge Boehringer on amerikkalainen säveltäjä, muusikko, taiteilija. Suurien ja pienien pintojen tutkija. Boehringer luo performansseja, äänityksiä, installaatioita, moniulotteisia esineitä ja visuaalisia ilmiöitä. Beohringerin työt tarjoavat erilaisia kokemuksia ja palasia todellisuudesta. “Multiple systems of events, appearing and disappearing, and evolving at their own rates.” on lause jota hän tykkää käyttää toidensä kuvailuun.

Jorge viettää kaksi kuukautta Titanik A.i.R. -residenssissä



Images from drawing show at Bliss Farm Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic








below is a video documenting a collaborative installation realized by myself, painter Jana Babincova, and Michaela Kurikova at INI Gallery, in Prague, Czech Republic:


I AM TALKING TO YOU video by Michal Ures from Jana Babincová on Vimeo.



Here are some recent drawings and other experiments in visual rendering and perception, inquiries should you wish to purchase any of the works may be made directly through this website (see the contact tab)

these are some photos from a drawing + sound performance/installation I made for an exhibition in Galerie AVU, Prague, CZ

sculptural and outdoor interventions:
















I AM TALKING TO YOU video by Michal Ures from Jana Babincová on Vimeo.






here are some more pieces you can see, and below some site-specific work that is unnecessary to categorize.  I like this stuff. Mounds of hay and dung:

perceived objects in color and time

click here to visit my (old) portfolio at Saatchi online

some funny stuff there and below:


older still, from before I left the mental world for the material:

I made “Rawing with the Hound of One’s Own Acheing”, which took on various forms, but my favorite was the live, and later installed version at RPS Gallery in Oakland, California, sometime in 2004.

I made a performance for the opening of the show, in which I made a line drawing on a piece of paper, stereo mic-ed on each side. scratching pencil was amplified.  A digital sampling loop took an average of the time it took me to finish one horizontal line and  then recorded and looped it, superimposing it on the others, as the drawing did.  Somically the layers interacted, interfering with each other and canceling one another out, as well as sometimes strengthening a particular gesture.  This happened simultaneously.  The  in the audio and visual domains, becoming quite intense sonically by the end.  At the end the drawing was hung on the wall with the recording, but each new version will be different.  I am still making acoustic drawings, paintings, and objects in a similar but changing fashion, you can see photos from a more recent action up above below the drawings…Here are some old photos from the first version at Rock, Paper, Scissors:

finished drawing:


friends Will, David, Lyal, Rebakah, James,  Jason, Katie, Manlio,Vlad, Eddie,Kristen, Conor, and Eric, some pictured below

one arms delay:

some audio documents of this piece can be found in Che Chen’s magazine O Sirhan O Sirhan #1, I imagine quite out of print, but maybe…


around the same time these installations where completed at the oakland museum:


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