Tomoko Sauvage/Elias Merino at FUSE + New Releases from TOR Press


FUSE Presents:

Tomoko Sauvage

Elias Merino


SATURDAY 19TH MARCH, 20:00 / £4.00

Fuse Art Space
5-7 Rawson Place,


Tomoko Sauvage, a Japanese musician/sound artist based in Paris, works with waterbowls, porcelain bowls of different sizes, filled with water and amplified with hydrophones (under-water microphones). She plays with different forms of water – drops, waves and bubbles resonating in the bowls as well as audio feedback creating waving drones and natural overtones. Her work is about the delicate balance between controlled and uncontrolled, the random percussion of droplets, acoustic characteristics of the space and the fragile tonality created with the fluid materials constantly evaporating and moving. Sauvage has been performing, exhibiting and carrying out workshops in Europe, US, Canada and Japan, often solo but also in collaboration with musicians and choreographers. Her works have been released by and/OAR (US), aposiopèse (BE), dokidoki editions (FR). In 2011, a new set of porcelain bowls was created during her residency at La Pommerie (FR) in collaboration with Ceramic Research Center in Limoges (CRAFT).



Opening act is ELÍAS MERINO (Madrid 1985), a Spanish sonic artist and composer based in the UK. Currently he develops his work in computer-generated sound artifacts after some years involved in acousmatic music. Merino is interested in different approaches related with sound composition and digital arts such the exploration of time, poetic and philosophical relationship between Subject-Object and the Otherness, the Sublime, or sound specific/plural objects in multifocal spaces. Elías presents his work in installations and sonic works, which are exhibited, released, performed and broadcasted internationally.

Currently he is a PhD researcher in Computer Music at University of Huddersfield.



Tor Press has released five beautiful new recordings from the likes of:

Aqua Dentata

Aqua Dentata is the solo project of Eddie Nutall, here he creates immersive minimal drones using synthesizers, violin and zither. The simplicity and consideration in Eddie’s work draws you in and cloaks you in delicately shifting tones. There’s a lot more to these tracks than is first apparaent, this is music that begs you to pay close attention and discover every subtle overtone. A thing of delicate beauty which belies its appearance of simplicity.

Ulrich Rios

Better known under the moniker Bird People, this is the first album from Ulrich under his own name. The album is completely acoustic and is predominantly banjo picking tunes that wouldn’t be far out of place at an old time jam in Appalachia, sandwiched between the banjo tunes are subtle drones on shruti, gong and singing bowl.
Here’s what Ulrich has to say about it- ‘These recordings were inspired by the two places where I have lived so far, my hometown of Waidhofen, which lies along the Ybbs river in the province of Lower Austria and Vienna’s Meidling District, specifically the Gaudenzdorf area along Vienna’s main road called the ‘Belt’. All tracks were recorded live with no overdubs and often with the windows open to allow the environmental sounds to seep in and become part of the music.’


Jake Blanchard


Lathe cut 12″ vinyl

New album by Jake Blanchard encompassing drone and psychedelia.
This is the second edition of the lathe cut and is limited to only 20 copies!
Lino printed sleeves.

£15 + P&P
Due to this being so limited, please email if you want a copy-

You can hear the whole album here-


Tor Invocation Band



New project from Jake Blanchard created as a means to collaborate with a variety of musicians. Tor Invocation band has no fixed lineup and no fixed style.This album sounds something like improvised experimental psych & drone.

Musicians on this album- Jake Blanchard, Jorge Boeringer (Core of the Coalman), Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull), Willie Stewart (Woven Skull), Aonghus McEvoy (Woven Skull), Chris Hladowski (Family Elan) and Sophie Cooper.

Edition of 50 in hot foil embossed card sleeves.
I am playing on the one above, and also this one below…this is a trio that I am part of with two people named Niko.  We started to play together two summers ago in Turku, Finland, and here is the mountainous result:

Orange Hora

Mountainous Interior


Orange Hora is a new project from Niko-Matti Ahti (Kiila), Jorge Boehringer (Core of the Coalman) and Niko Karlsson. Sputtering broken electroinc sounds, frantic percussive textures, plucked and bowed strings. At times this could be quite a disconcerting listen but there’s always a thread of something recognicable drawing you through the distorted eruptions and fractures. Any rasping, jarring sounds are counterbalanced by subtlety and nuance.


get them HERE from the Tor Press Website!


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